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November 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

7 minute read

The Open Infrastructure Summit was held in mainland China for the first time the week of November 4th, 2019, in Shanghai. As usual, we took advantage of the ...

October 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

3 minute read

Another OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors meeting was held October 22, 2019. This meeting was added primarily as to discuss the Airship’s request to fo...

September 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

8 minute read

There was another OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors conference call on September 10, 2019. There were a couple of significant updates during this call....

April 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

6 minute read

These are just some of my notes from the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors meeting that took place on April 8, 2019.

March 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

5 minute read

This is the second report in a hopefully ongoing series of notes capturing OpenStack Foundation Board Meeting activities.

Jan 2019 OpenStack Board Notes

6 minute read

Chris Dent used to post regular, semi-subjective, takes on what was going on in the OpenStack Technical Committee. Even though I was there for most of the co...

Stein Release Goal Selection

2 minute read

Here’s my attempt to recap the goal selection discussion we had last week at the Forum. Feel free to correct any misstatements and continue the discussion.

OpenStack API with PowerShell

7 minute read

I’ve been playing around with different platforms, and looking at “native” ways on those platforms for working with OpenStack. One thing I’ve been having som...

Cinder Client - absolute-limits

3 minute read

This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of posts covering the CLI commands available in the python-cinderclient package.

OpenStack, Dell SC, and Alerting

6 minute read

I recently had a good discussion about the “errors” reported from Dell SC storage when using OpenStack. I hadn’t really thought much about it before, but thi...

OpenStack Day India 2016

2 minute read

Last week I was able to attend the OpenStack Day India event in Bangalore, July 8-9. A big thank you to my employer, Dell, and NEC Technologies for making it...

Cinder Newton Design Summit Summary

8 minute read

At the Design Summit in Austin, the Cinder team met over three days to go over a variety of topics. This is a general summary of the notes captured from each...



Cleaning up Gmail with App Script

7 minute read

After several years working in the open source community, I’ve ended up with a lot of emails from Gerrit code reviews, Google Group mailing lists, and variou...